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Falls Prevention

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Course HC6.1

Duration 3 hours (Half day) course- bespoke in-house course from £25 per person


“In 2009 in England and Wales, there were 3,593 deaths as a result of falls. Around 30% of adults who are over 65 and living at home will experience at least one fall a year. This rises to 50% of adults over 80 who are either at home or in residential care.” ( NHS evidence)

Understanding the risks associated with experiencing a fall as well as minimising the risk of fall is a very basic requirement for all those who are involved in the care of the frail and elderly, this course examines the risks and discusses practical prevention strategies.


Experience of clients who fall; Why falls are a problem; Risk factors; Recurrent falls; Weak bones in the elderly; Causative factors; Environmental issues; Hydration; The “Up and Go” test; Prevention strategies

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