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Palliative Care

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Course HC3.2

Duration 3 or 6 hours (Half or full day course, either as a refresher or more in-depth for those new to the subject) - bespoke in-house course from £25 per person


“The goal of Palliative Care is achievement of the best quality of life for patients and their families”
- Extract from N.I.CE definition of Palliative Care.

This course is aimed at carers and nurses for whom the care of the dying is an integral part of their work and is designed to allow them to explore their own feelings surrounding death and to equip them with knowledge to manage symptoms in the dying and support relatives of those at the end of their lives. The full day course consists of more workshops and more detailed symptom control and also incorporates end of life decisions within the Mental Capacity Act.

Includes course content from HC3.1 (Half Day)

The Cycle of Life and Death; Symptoms and their management; Personal Care; Psychological Care; Spiritual Care; Patient and Family support; Bereavement; The stages of grief; Dealing with our own grief.

plus the following additional content:

More symptom control; Advance decisions; The legal processes surrounding death

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